How to find your voice for climate action | Fehinti Balogun

Actor and activist Fehinti Balogun pieces together multiple complex issues — climate change, colonialism, systemic racism — in a talk that’s part spoken-word poem, part diagnosis of entrenched global problems. Seeing the connections is a…

Great leadership is a network, not a hierarchy | Gitte Frederiksen

What if leadership at work wasn’t for a select few, but rather shared among many? Management consultant Gitte Frederiksen gives us the recipe for “distributed leadership” — dynamic, multi-dimensional networks of leaders that tap into…

The wheat field that could change the world | Guntur V. Subbarao

Crop physiologist Guntur V. Subbarao and his team have developed an antibiotic-infused strain of wheat that naturally combats harmful, fertilizer-eating bacteria — a “monster” contributor to climate change. Learn more about how this breakthrough could…

A colorful case for outside-the-box thinking on identity | Olivia Vinckier

Have you ever been forced to limit your identity to a single box on an application, survey or census questionnaire? For many, it is a futile and overall outdated exercise, especially for those with multiracial…

The young climate activists moving Africa into the future | Vanessa Nakate

Climate justice activist Vanessa Nakate sits down with former president of Ireland Mary Robinson for an enlightening, intergenerational conversation about the state of the climate crisis. Nakate paints a picture of life in her home…

How global virtual communities can help kids achieve their dreams | Matthew Garcia

How do we make historically exclusive fields like classical music, fine arts or academic research more accessible to everyone? Education equalizer and violist Matthew Garcia thinks one way to remove barriers is to create free,…

What actually causes yeast infections? | Jen Gunter

Sugar intake gets blamed for a lot of health issues — but when it comes to yeast infections, it’s almost definitely not the culprit. Debunking myths (and strongly suggesting we skip heavily-marketed detox cleanses), Dr….

The future of machines that move like animals | Robert Katzschmann

Imagine a boat that propels by moving its “tail” from side to side, just like a fish. That’s the kind of machine that TED Fellow Robert Katzschmann’s lab builds: soft-bodied robots that imitate natural movements…

5 lessons on building an emissions-free city | Heidi Sørensen

Confronting climate change makes for better cities and a better quality of life, says Heidi Sørensen, director of the climate agency for the city of Oslo, Norway. From construction sites without noise pollution to fully…

Is there a role for carbon credits in the transition to a fair, net-zero future? | TED Countdown

In June 2022, TED’s climate initiative, Countdown, launched its Dilemma Series: events designed to look at some of the “knots” in the climate change space, where diverging positions have stalled progress and solidified into an…

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