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How AI will step off the screen and into the real world | Daniela Rus

The convergence of AI and robotics will unlock a wonderful new world of possibilities in everyday life, says robotics and AI pioneer Daniela Rus. Diving into the way machines think, she reveals how “liquid networks”…

How to be an active citizen and spark change | Gabriel Marmentini

What does it mean to be an active citizen? It’s about more than just voting and paying taxes, says social entrepreneur Gabriel Marmentini. He explains why we can’t rely on the state alone to solve…

A Palestinian and an Israeli, face to face | Aziz Abu Sarah and Maoz Inon

How can Israel and Palestine achieve peace? Palestinian peacemaker Aziz Abu Sarah and Israeli peacemaker Maoz Inon discuss the immeasurable tragedies they’ve experienced growing up in the region — and how they choose reconciliation over…

What you can do to stop economic crime | Hanjo Seibert

It might sound like the plot of a movie, but economic crime is all around us — from drug trafficking and fraud to cybercrimes, tax evasion and more. Economic crime fighter Hanjo Seibert breaks down…

Why you should disappoint your parents | Desiree Akhavan

When filmmaker Desiree Akhavan told her Iranian immigrant parents she was in love with a woman, she knew they would object. She explains why it’s worth the risk to let people get to know the…

Can cannabis help you sleep? Here’s the science | Jen Walsh

Can cannabis actually treat insomnia? It’s complicated, says sleep physiologist Jen Walsh. While the plant has been used across time and cultures, there’s been little scientific research on how it impacts sleep disorders like insomnia….

Ideas change everything — and what’s next for TED | Chris Anderson and Monique Ruff-Bell

TED is on a mission to discover and champion the ideas that will shape tomorrow. Reflecting on the evolution of that mission, TED’s Chris Anderson and Monique Ruff-Bell cast a visionary gaze on the organization’s…

A new national park to reclaim Indigenous land | Tracie Revis

In a part of the United States with more than 17,000 years of human history, cultural preservation advocate Tracie Revis is working to turn the Ocmulgee Mounds into Georgia’s first national park and preserve. This…

Can AI catch criminals at sea? | Dyhia Belhabib

Can AI help catch oceanic outlaws? From drug smugglers to modern-day pirates, maritime crime fighter Dyhia Belhabib introduces Heva: an AI-powered tool that aggregates international criminal records to detect and stop crime that might otherwise…

Music, movement and poetry | Tunde Olaniran

Joined onstage by four dancers, multidisciplinary artist Tunde Olaniran smolders through a set of songs powered by experimental electronic beats. Kasutame küpsiseid, et pakkuda Teile parimat kogemust. Kui jätkate selle veebisaidi kasutamist, nõustute meie küpsiste…