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  • Why art is a tool for hope | JR
    on 27/06/2022

    Famed for enormous black-and-white portraits that are pasted on surfaces ranging from the Louvre to the US-Mexico border wall, multimedia artist JR continues to tackle ambitious projects. In this powerfully moving talk, he shares how he made a giant mural on the courtyard floor of a maximum-security prison — with the help of guards and prisoners alike — and ended up with much more than a compelling image.

  • An interdimensional performance of imagination | Particle Ink
    on 24/06/2022

    In a peek into their sprawling metaverse, Particle Ink dazzles with an interdimensional performance combining augmented reality, dance and video projected onto the TED stage.

  • SpaceX’s supersized Starship rocket — and the future of galactic exploration | Jennifer Heldmann
    on 23/06/2022

    SpaceX’s Starship launch vehicle has the potential to explore the solar system in a bold, new — and supersized — way. Planetary scientist Jennifer Heldmann talks about how reusable, large-scale spacecraft like Starship could help humanity achieve its next galactic leaps and usher in a new era of space exploration, from investigating the solar system’s many ocean worlds to launching bigger telescopes that can see deeper into the universe.

  • Africa’s great carbon valley — and how to end energy poverty | James Irungu Mwangi
    on 22/06/2022

    Our lives depend on curbing climate change, but so many priorities seem to be in competition. What’s the most urgent thing humanity can do right now? Social entrepreneur James Irungu Mwangi tells us why Africa could be the ideal home for scaling the latest and most ambitious climate technologies — including in places like Kenya’s Hell’s Gate National Park, which could become part of what he calls the “Great Carbon Valley.”

  • What happens to people’s donated eggs and sperm after they die? | Ellen Trachman
    on 22/06/2022

    Today, there are many ways to conceive a child, thanks to assisted reproductive technologies like IVF and egg-freezing. But the law lags behind these advancements, says attorney Ellen Trachman, troubling parents-to-be with stranger-than-fiction mix-ups and baffling lawsuits. Trachman makes the case for legality to reflect the realities of reproductive innovation — and prompts you to reconsider what could happen to your own genetic material.

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