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TEDxTallinn09/01/2021 @ 14:45

Kas mäletate, et juulikuus toimus TEDxTallinnSalon? Meie mäletame! Nüüd on aeg käes jagada kolme kõne, mis meid Aegnal või laevareisil saatsid. Esimesena astub lavale – õigemini otse loodusesse – Peeter Illison. Peeter arutleb, kuidas ja mis varustusega jääda ellu keerulistes olukordades ning mis roll on meie kehal & vaimul. Head kuulamist!

Do you remember that TEDxTallinnSalon took place in July on Aegna island? The time has come to share the talks from that event. First up to take the stage, or should we say – stand under the trees – is Peeter Illison. Peeter talks about survival skills – what equipment do we need in difficult situations and what role does the body and mind play? Enjoy!
Milline varustus aitab keerulistes tingimustes ellu jääda? Peeter usub, et meie kõige ägedam varustus on meie keha ja vaim. Ta treenib end toime tulema keeru…
TEDxTallinn08/31/2021 @ 14:05

Kohe algab uus kooliaasta ja kõik on ootusärevust täis– õpilased, õpetajad, lapsevanemad. Kõik tahavad, et lastel oleks head õpitulemused ja nad oleksid elus õnnelikud. Siiski tasub meeles pidada, et ainult hinded ei ole olulised. Koolis omandatakse akadeemilisi teadmisi, aga lisaks ka õpitakse ennast tundma, kasvatakse iga päev, kogetakse empaatiat, lastakse isiksusel areneda. Õpitulemused on ainult jäämäe veepealne tipp. Laste edukust ja õnnelikkust elus mõjutab ka selle jäämäe veealune osa, mis tuleneb kultuurist, mida kool suudab õpilaste ümber luua. Andrew Hammond räägib lähemalt.

The new school year is about to begin and everyone is full of anticipation — students, teachers, parents. Everyone wants children to have good grades and be happy in life. However, it is worth remembering that scores alone are not important. Children acquire academic knowledge at school, but they also learn about themselves, experience empathy and growth, and develop their personalities. Learning outcomes are only the tip of the iceberg. The success and happiness in their lives is also influenced by the underwater part of the iceberg, which comes from the culture and community that the school creates around the students. Andrew Hammond will talk in more detail.
Our children are more than the sum of their school grades. Behind every exam result lies a whole person with incalculable, untapped potential and myriad face…
TEDxTallinn08/28/2021 @ 7:11

Globaalne ajakirjandusportaal Quartz väisas ka TEDxMonterey 2021 konverentsi ning teiste seast noppis üles Karoli Hindriksi kõne moraalselt aegunud paberpasside ja töörände takistuste teemal. Seda kõnet saab näha alates septembrist, aga kui tunned teema vastu huvi juba täna, siis loe ülevaadet siit:

The global business portal Quartz visited the TEDxMonterey 2021 conference and, among others, picked up Karoli Hindriks’ talk on obsolete paper passports and obstacles to labor migration. This talk will be publicly available in September, but if you are interested in the topic today, read the overview here:
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  • Can China achieve its ambitious climate pledges? | Hongqiao Liu
    on 26/10/2021

    In 2020, China’s President Xi Jinping pledged that China would both peak its emissions by 2030 and achieve net-zero emissions by 2060 — a change that will require action at an unheard-of scale and speed. Can the country actually achieve this ambitious vision? In this forward-looking talk, environmental journalist and analyst Hongqiao Liu explores what the world’s largest carbon emitter (and second-largest economy) will need to do to get there.

  • How we could eat real meat without harming animals | Isha Datar
    on 19/10/2021

    What if you could eat chicken nuggets without harming a chicken? It’s possible through “cellular agriculture,” says Isha Datar. In a talk about cutting-edge science, she explains how this new means of food production makes it possible to eat meat without the negative consequences of industrial farming — and how it could fundamentally change our food systems for the better. “It’s our once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get a second chance at agriculture,” she says.

  • The first step towards more inclusive dermatology | Jenna C. Lester
    on 14/10/2021

    Skin is one of the most powerful predictors of health, yet nearly half of all new dermatologists admit to feeling uncomfortable identifying health issues on darker skin tones — resulting in poorer health outcomes for patients of color. In this crucial talk, TED Fellow and dermatologist Jenna C. Lester shares her effort to extend medical training beyond its current limited scope and ensure all medical students get trained in the full spectrum of diseases as they appear in all patients, regardless of skin tone.

  • What you discover when you really listen | Hrishikesh Hirway
    on 13/10/2021

    “Every conversation has the potential to open up and reveal all the layers and layers within it, all those rooms within rooms,” says podcaster and musician Hrishikesh Hirway. In this profoundly moving talk, he offers a guide to deep conversations and explores what you learn when you stop to listen closely. Stay tuned to the end to hear a performance of his original song “Between There and Here (feat. Yo-Yo Ma).”

  • A roadmap for young changemakers | Melati Wijsen
    on 12/10/2021

    Activism is a tough job, especially for young people yearning for immediate change — something climate activist Melati Wijsen has learned over ten years of pushing for environmental protection, starting at age 12 in her home on the island of Bali, Indonesia. How can young changemakers acquire the skills they need and keep from burning out? Wijsen offers three pieces of advice for anybody seeking to make lasting, sustainable progress.

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