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TEDxTallinn is at Fotografiska Tallinn.

6 days 17 hours ago

Järjekordne TEDxTallinn on selja taga ja emotsioonid on laes! Suur aitäh meie esinejatele, publikule, toetajatele ja koostööpartneritele! Ilma teieta ei oleks TEDxTallinnat. 💚 Loodame, et


1 week 19 hours ago

3, 2, 1.. ning TEDxTallinn "Säilenõtkus" alustab. Olete oodatud!



1 week 3 days ago

Ongi jäänud veel üks esineja tutvustada!


1 week 5 days ago

TEDxTallinna lavale astub sellel laupäeval ka Irene Käosaar.


1 week 6 days ago

TEDxTallinnani on jäänud vähem kui nädal! Meil on veel mõned esinejad jäänud tutvustada.

  • The 5 tenets of turning pain into power | Christine Schuler Deschryver
    on 23/02/2024

    A supportive community is the key to cultivating resilience and unlocking healing. Sharing the story of a transformative recovery program for survivors of sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, human rights activist Christine Schuler Deschryver details how her team at City of Joy empowers people to reclaim their lives after trauma and turn their pain into power. (This talk contains a graphic story. Discretion is advised.)

  • TED is 40 — here’s how it all started | Chris Anderson and Richard Saul Wurman
    on 23/02/2024

    To celebrate TED’s 40th anniversary, Head of TED Chris Anderson and TED’s founder Richard Saul Wurman reflect on the conference’s transformative journey — from its inception as a daring experiment blending technology, entertainment and design to its expansion into a global platform for world-changing ideas. Get a glimpse into the minds behind a movement that has sparked innovation, redefined the art of storytelling and fostered community worldwide in a conversation brimming with unheard anecdotes, wisdom and the spirit of curiosity. (Visit to join TED today and access more exclusive events like this one.)

  • Can nanoparticles help fight hunger? | Christy L. Haynes
    on 22/02/2024

    A game-changing solution to the global food crisis could come from something so tiny you can’t see it with the naked eye. Nanomaterials chemist Christy Haynes describes her team’s work designing nanoparticles that could protect plants from disease and crop loss, helping farmers reap abundant harvests and grow food that will make its way to markets and dinner tables.

  • Is climate change slowing down the ocean? | Susan Lozier
    on 21/02/2024

    Ocean waters are constantly on the move, traveling far distances in complex currents that regulate Earth’s climate and weather patterns. How might climate change impact this critical system? Oceanographer Susan Lozier dives into the data, which suggests that ocean overturning is slowing down as waters gradually warm — and takes us on board the international effort to track these changes and set us on the right course while we still have time.

  • How to design for dignity during times of war | Slava Balbek
    on 20/02/2024

    What happens when architecture meets empathy? Through the challenges of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, architect and humanitarian Slava Balbek, who volunteers part-time on the front lines, highlights the importance of designing for dignity when building temporary housing for the people of Ukraine who have lost their homes. A stirring reminder of the healing power of the built environment — and how it can provide comfort amidst chaos.

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