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  • The natural building blocks of sustainable architecture | Michael Green
    on 09/06/2023

    If we’re going to solve the climate crisis, we need to talk about construction. The four main building materials that humans currently use — concrete, steel, masonry and wood — have a heavy environmental impact, but what if we had a fifth option? Architect Michael Green proposes an entirely new, natural medium inspired by the structure of trees and plants. Learn more about the carbon-sequestering solution to our construction conundrum that’s laying the groundwork for a truly sustainable future.

  • The outlaws of the ocean — and how we’re reeling them in | Tony Long
    on 08/06/2023

    Pirate fishing, oil spills and other undetected crimes are destroying ocean ecosystems — but we can’t stop what we can’t see. Harnessing the power of satellite data and AI to catch maritime offenders in the act, ocean conservation expert and 2023 Audacious Project grantee Tony Long introduces the first-ever live map of all industrial human activity at sea. He shares how his team at Global Fishing Watch is making it freely available to the world so conservationists, researchers and the public can help protect precious aquatic habitats. (This ambitious idea is a part of the Audacious Project, TED’s initiative to inspire and fund global change.)

  • Nature, art and magical blocks of flying concrete | Lonneke Gordijn
    on 07/06/2023

    Our bodies instinctually respond to the movements and rhythms of nature, like the uplifting feeling you get when walking in a forest. Can art evoke the same emotions? Experiential artist Lonneke Gordijn takes us through her studio’s stunning, nature-inspired work — flowering lights, murmurating drones — and reveals a mysterious piece hiding in the shadows of the TED Theater that just might change your relationship with concrete.

  • How wireless energy from space could power everything | Ali Hajimiri
    on 06/06/2023

    Modern life runs on wireless technology. What if the energy powering our devices could also be transmitted without wires? Electrical engineer Ali Hajimiri explains the principles behind wireless energy transfer and shares his far-out vision for launching flexible solar panels into space in order to collect sunlight, convert it to electrical power and then beam it down to Earth. Learn how this technology could power everything — and light up our world from space.

  • Can we recreate the voice of a 3,000-year-old mummy? | David M. Howard
    on 05/06/2023

    Drawing on his work reconstructing the vocal tract of an ancient Egyptian priest, speech scientist David M. Howard shares three evolutionary wonders of human speech — and the importance of nurturing your own voice in an increasingly noisy world.

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