“We live in turbulent times,” some say. “Look at the horrible crises ravaging our planet,” others chime in. But the more attentive observers notice that alongside big shifts many smaller changes are taking place, too. These do not lead to earthquakes, but are the birthplace for new beginnings. Mindshifts like these rigorously challenge our inner status quo and encourage us to look into the future.

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TEDxTallinn07/30/2021 @ 13:00

Möödunud kolmapäeval toimus kolmas üritus TEDxTallinna salongiõhtute sarjast. Seekord võtsime väikse seltskonnaga ette rännaku Aegnale – rändasime ise ja ka kõned rääkisid rändamisest. Publikuks olid meil varasemad esinejad, korraldajad ja toetajad. Olgugi, et ilmaennustus oli kõike muud kui lootustandev, sai publik kogeda pea kõike, mida ennustuses lubatud: vaikse tuulega meresõitu Sunlines’i laeval Venus, Aegna aga kostitas meid paduvihma, päikesepaiste ja julgemaid isegi karastava suplusega. Õhtu tipnes kruiisiga Tallinna lahel ja imeliste vanalinna vaadetega.

Kuigi TEDxTallinnSalon’ist seekord ülekannet polnud, tulevad kõned varsti veebi ja jagame neid ka siin teie kõigiga. Seniks jagame teiega paari pilti toredast kolmapäevasest retkest! 😉

On Wednesday, few days ago, third TEDxTallinnSalon took place. This time we decided to travel to Aegna – little island near Tallinn, and our speeches were about traveling as well. Although the weather forecast was anything but promising, the audience was able to experience almost everything the forecast allowed: a calm cruise on the Sunlines ship Venus, and Aegna treated us with torrential rain and sunshine. Some of us went even swimming! The evening culminated in a cruise on Tallinn Bay and wonderful views of the Old Town.

Although there wasn’t live broadcast from TEDxTallinnSalon this time, the speeches will soon come to the web and we will share them with all of you here. Until then – have a look on the photos! 🙂
TEDxTallinn07/29/2021 @ 14:49

“Kust peaksid tulema tulevikuprobleeme lahendada suutvad insenerid, teadlased ja arstid, kui me lastele teadusliku maailmavaate tutvustamise asemel koolis konspiratiivset ebateadust õpetame?”
Arvamuslugu Siiri Albergi poolt, kus elementideks haridus, vandenõuteooriad ja ka vaktsineerimine. Siiri esines märtsikuus TEDxTallinnSalon: MÄRKA ME üritusel, kus rääkis andekate laste kooliteest. Tema kõne leiab samuti nii kodulehelt kui ka YouTube’ist.

Sharing time! Siiri Alberg wrote an opinion story on education, conspiracy theories and also vaccination. Sadly, the article is in Estonian at the moment. Siiri also performed at the TEDxTallinSalon: MÄRKA ME event in March, talking about the school path of talented children.
TEDxTallinn07/25/2021 @ 8:16

Naer on terviseks! Aga… miks, kuidas ja millal me naerame?

Laughter is great! But… why, how and when do we laugh?

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  • The informal settlements reshaping the world | Jota Samper
    on 29/07/2021

    Creative, sustainable solutions find their home in the thousands of informal neighborhoods across the world. Urban planner Jota Samper believes these often overlooked settlements (also known as slums) should be regarded as hubs of innovation and shares three reasons why giving them the attention they deserve could help change the way humanity coexists — and cities evolve — on a global scale.

  • The radical, revolutionary resilience of Black joy | Miracle Jones
    on 27/07/2021

    In the face of trauma, happiness is resilience: a revolutionary act of thriving despite all odds, rather than wilting or surrendering. Community organizer and activist Miracle Jones offers a heart-to-heart meditation on the role of joy as a form of radical resistance, survival and protection for Black folks in the US and across the world. A warm reminder to embrace the guiding light of hope in the presence of darkness.

  • 3 rules for a zero-carbon world | Nigel Topping
    on 26/07/2021

    Every human and natural system — from oil extraction to the flight of a flock of starlings — can be seen as a set of repeating patterns. These patterns can be disrupted for good or for bad, says Nigel Topping, the High Level Climate Action Champion for COP26, the UN’s climate change conference set to take place in November 2021 in Glasgow, Scotland. He shares three rules of radical collaboration that could positively disrupt the patterns of the global economy and help humanity tackle the world’s greatest threat: climate change.

  • The ancient origins of the Olympics | Armand D’Angour
    on 23/07/2021

    Thousands of years in the making, the Olympics began as part of a religious festival honoring the Greek god Zeus in the rural Greek town of Olympia. But how did it become the greatest show of sporting excellence on earth? Educator Armand D’Angour explains the evolution of the Olympics. (Directed by Diogo Viegas, narrated by Addison Anderson, music by Cem Misirlioglu and Brooks Ball)

  • Are wild animals really “wild”? | Emma Marris
    on 22/07/2021

    Human activity is affecting the planet in dramatic, unsustainable ways — including destroying the habitats of wild animals. Considering our obligation to care for the creatures we’ve impacted, environmental writer Emma Marris dives into the ethics of wildlife management, zoos and aquariums, offering her thoughts on how we can help Earth’s wildlife flourish. (This conversation, hosted by TED science curator David Biello, was part of a TED Membership event. Visit ted.com/membership to become a TED Member.)

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