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9 months 3 weeks ago

*ENGLISH BELOW* Garri Kasparov – üks kõigi aegade edukamaid maletšempione maailmas – algatas Venemaal 2005. aastal Putini-vastase liikumise, sest nägi ohumärke demokraatiale juba siis. Tookord


10 months 2 weeks ago

*ENGLISH BELOW* Sõda Ukrainas on tähelepanu keskpunktis kõikjal üle ilma. Miks on Euroopa südames toimuv sõda ülemaailmse tähtsusega ning milliseid muutusi on selle mõjul oodata


10 months 2 weeks ago

Möödunud kevadel, pea aasta tagasi oli TEDxTallinnSaloni laval Leida Lepik: inimene, kelle sära valgustas ka pimedaima toa. Leida rääkis meile oma loo – oma põhimõtetest,


11 months 6 days ago

*ENGLISH BELOW* On igati paslik mõelda praegusel ajal rohkem Ukrainale ja TEDxi kontekstis ka Ukraina kõnedele. Jagame siinkohal Ulana Supruni kõne – arstiharidusega naine, kellest


11 months 2 weeks ago

Tartu sõbrad! TEDxTartu 2022 toimub laupäeval, 2. aprillil. Piletite registreerimine kuni 27. veebruarini.

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  • 3 stories of Pakistani resilience, told in film | Jawad Sharif
    on 06/02/2023

    TED Fellow Jawad Sharif was born with a rebellious streak — and he’s used it in his documentary films to amplify the unheard voices of Pakistan. Sharing three stories of everyday heroes — a high-altitude mountaineer, a folk musician of a bygone instrument and the country’s first transgender doctor — Sharif shows how documentaries can be a space for both creation and defiance.

  • Could fungi actually be the key to humanity’s survival? | David Andrew Quist
    on 03/02/2023

    After a billion years of evolution, fungi are masters of invention and resilience. What wisdom can we draw from their long, remarkable existence? Mycologist David Andrew Quist explores how fungi’s innate biointelligence, penchant for collaboration and incredible regeneration abilities can show us new ways to think about complex problems — and may hold the secret to humanity’s survival on Earth.

  • The secret to making new friends as an adult | Marisa G. Franco
    on 02/02/2023

    Making friends as an adult can feel like a baffling obstacle course. Why was it so much easier to connect as kids? To help you find well-rounded and fulfilling friendships, psychologist Marisa Franco discusses science-backed tips on how to make (and keep) friends, like the optimism-inducing “acceptance prophecy” and the shame-reducing “theory of chums.” Learn more about the power of platonic love and how it can help you experience the full richness and complexity of who you are. (This conversation, hosted by TED current affairs curator Whitney Pennington Rodgers, was part of an exclusive TED Membership event. Visit ted.com/membership to become a TED Member.)

  • How Black queer culture shaped history | Channing Gerard Joseph
    on 01/02/2023

    Names like Bayard Rustin, Frances Thompson and William Dorsey Swann have been largely erased from US history, but they and other Black queer leaders played central roles in monumental movements like emancipation, civil rights and LGBTQ+ pride, among others. In this tribute to forgotten icons, queer culture historian and TED Fellow Channing Gerard Joseph shares their little-known stories, connecting the origins of drag in the 1880s to the present day and exploring the awesome power to choose how we define ourselves.

  • The fairy tales of the fossil fuel industry — and a better climate story | Luisa Neubauer
    on 31/01/2023

    The fossil fuel industry is a factory of fairy tales, says activist and School Strike for Climate organizer Luisa Neubauer. Tracing the industry’s five-decade trickle of lies about climate science, she busts the myth that economic growth and stability are dependent on fossil fuels — and issues a resounding message about how we can actually move towards a just world. “[The future] won’t be built for those who have brought us into this mess,” she says. “It will be built for everyone else.”

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