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"Käänaku taga"

People like all kinds of bends-curves-crossings-forest paths because of all the excitement, novelty, joy of discovery and passion we have for them. But for some reason this passion disappears.. Unawareness and blind corners hinder our rational decision-making and we leave ourselves to chance, not controlling the situation, ignoring the danger signs, common sense and expert guidance. We hope for a moment to catch our breath behind the next bend, but it’s not there.
On September 26, we walked together through society, music, technology, look at what is happening in the world with the eyes of a designer. Is the next environmental disaster hiding behind the next turn? Is it possible to discover new solutions from cosmology? We take a moment and look at ourselves and ask, "Where next?" There are so many paths – will there be the one that leads to the long-awaited solution.
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