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  • How to spot authoritarianism — and choose democracy | Ian Bassin
    on 17/06/2024

    Democracy is about having choices — and authoritarianism is about not having them, says lawyer and writer Ian Bassin. Detailing the seven steps of the authoritarian playbook, he invites us all to put aside our differences and rethink our role in the fight for freedom, revealing the hope and power behind every choice we make.

  • A master chef’s take on food, culture and community | Marcus Samuelsson
    on 17/06/2024

    The secret magic of good food is that it brings people and cultures closer together. Chef Marcus Samuelsson taps into that magic at his acclaimed restaurants and through his cross-cultural approach to cooking. In conversation with art curator Thelma Golden, he expands on the rich fusion of modern Black cuisine and how each bite is a celebration of the diverse, creative and joyful power of food. (Visit ted.com/membership to support TED today and join more exclusive events like this one.)

  • “Ye Pariye Naz” / “Simorgh” / “Darya” | Niaz Nawab
    on 14/06/2024

    Singer-songwriter Niaz Nawab performs three songs, weaving stanzas from Persian poetry and philosophy into the latter two.

  • Why you should talk about your anxiety at work | Adam Whybrew
    on 14/06/2024

    We can’t get rid of anxiety and depression, so we might as well talk about it, says depression truth-teller Adam Whybrew. Sharing his own experience with mental illness, he reveals the surprising benefits of opening up about stress at work — and why being vulnerable creates a safe space for everyone.

  • Why AI needs a “nutrition label” | Kasia Chmielinski
    on 13/06/2024

    What do sandwiches have to do with AI? Data reformist Kasia Chmielinski helps us think about artificial intelligence with a useful food metaphor — and breaks down why AI systems should have “nutrition labels” to ensure the development of fairer, more transparent algorithms.

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